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Firestone Building Products Latin America & Caribbean division, held last February 11 this year the first focused event  to specifiers, architects and construction companies in Mexico, with the firm intend to bring Firestone brand more closely to the market. The seminar " PROTECCIÓN SUPERIOR Y SUSTENTABLE PARA LAS CUBIERTAS DE MEXICO " was held at Hotel Intercontinental Presidente Mexico City and was attended by more than 80 guests, including majors companies of this sector like MAHRNOS Ingenieria, ABITAT construcción, GreenFlex de Mexico and others.

This seminar, which was the first of a series of marketing events that will be carried out in the Mexican market during this year, was designed by Marketing and Sales Manager for Mexico, Engineer. Antonio Carlos A. Canelas and the Technical Manager of Latin America Engineer. Tarcisio Noguera and had the organization and support from team Latin America's headquarters team in Miami.

The event was carried out in a mixed manner, with lectures and periods of free time to visit the booths of companies that work as installers accredited to Firestone in Mexico. These stands were donated by Firestone to these companies and were mounted in the area outside the convention hall, so the public could be in contact with these companies and learn more about their installation work. The companies Cohen's Roofing, NONACSA, DIPICSA Imperial Roofing, CUBIMSA, CANO ABINCO and Structures attended to the event with their stands. Also the companies Cubierta TEXAS, TCI Roofing and ICN were present to support our brand.

The four lectures lasted 01h30min and addressed issues relevant to the market and Firestone’s history and performance in the Mexican market since the beginning of its operation there in 2001. Two of these lectures were given by special guests from Firestone for the event, the Architect Rick Ruppert, Senior Chief of Architectural Services from FIRESTONE BUILDING PRODUCTS USA, whose presentation touched on the subject LEED (certification, market impacts, sustainable buildings ,...), and tools for design of green roof systems, and the Engineer Riaz Hassan, Accessories & Marketing Manager FIRESTONE BUILDING PRODUCTS USA, whose explanation was about the themes Photovoltaic  Solar Cells, Skylights, Green Roof and its energy cost reduction and environmental benefits impacts to the customers. The other two lectures given by Eng. Tarcisio about impact of wind loads in roofing design  and the last lecture, by Eng. Antonio Carlos, introduced the history of Firestone in the Mexican market and the guidelines set for the company’s fore coming years in Mexico.

Also during the day Firestone offered to his guests a lunch, two coffee breaks during the presentations and a prize draw during the closing event by the end of the day.

In an interview, Engineer Antonio Carlos spoke about the event:
"I think we had a very positive outcome from this seminar. The company's intention is to approach the market and people who are directly involved with it, and I believe we achieved that with today's event. From now on we will be more active and events like this will be repeated frequently here in Mexico."

Regarding the point of view of the guests, the event was a success and they are looking forward the next seminars to be held in Mexico.

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