Architectural Series UC-3 Double-Lock

The Standing Seam UC-3 Double-Lock system gives architects a traditional standing seam form lock of 1.5 "(3.81 cm) high that binds together with a mechanical seal device.

The UC-3 roofing system is available in:

  • Painted Galvanized steel 24 (0.6071 mm) and 26 (0.4547 mm) caliber.
  • Anodized or Painted aluminum .032 (0,812 mm).
  • Copper strips for architectural use (AGSC), 16 oz. (454 gr.) and 20 oz. (567 gr.) and RHEINZINK®.

Stronger calibers, narrower widths and embossing, minimize distortions of manufacturing standards. Contact UNA-CLAD for radial uses. The Distortions within manufacturing standards are not cause for rejection.

Recommended items

UNA-CLAD can paint metal products of your choice according to your needs or anodized them to supplement or combine with the materials of your building.

Features & Benefits

  • Classification UL90 for a wide variety of substrates
  • ASTM E283 air infiltration
  • ASTM E33O-90 structural performance
  • ASTM E331 water penetration
  • ASTM E1646-95 water penetration
  • ASTM E1680-95 air leaks
  • ASTM e1592 pressure of uniform air
  • UL 263, UL 790 Class A for fire
  • UL2218 Class 4 classification for hail
  • Charts available for load / span
  • Reinforcement Available for veining

WeatherTight Guarantee Available against climatic factors.


  • Project: Bentley School
  • Location: Lafayette, CA
  • Architect: Kava Massih Architects
  • General Contractor: Plant Construction
  • Contractor: B.T. Mancini Co., Inc.
  • Materials: Standing Seam double-lock UC-3 UNA-CLAD, aluminum .040 (1.02 mm), Silver Metallic finish Kynar 500 ® / hylar 5000®/ hylar 5000 ® Valspar